Property Management

Property management with care

Our focus is on great customer service, ongoing support and commitment
to providing a Property Management service second to none.

All our staff at R & R property hold a Real Estate licence or certificate of registration and commit to ongoing training and development to ensure we are up to date with the latest legislation.
We have the experience to manage all aspects of Property Management. Our current portfolio includes, commercial, residential and rural holdings, so you can be assured your asset is well looked after.

We are very particular as to who we would place in your investment property and ensure a very strict screening process of all prospective tenants.

Once applications are received on your property we will contact you and discuss each application to ensure the right tenant is selected for your property.

We are steadily becoming known as the preferred agency within the district by both landlords and tenants alike.

Comprehensive in-going inspections are conducted at the commencement of each tenancy with a detailed report and photographs.

In-going inspection reports are compared with our out-going inspection report to ensure your property is left in the same condition when a tenant vacates the property.

Regular routine inspections are carried out also with a detailed report and photographs (photos with tenant consent).

You will always be consulted on any repairs and maintenance required with the exception of those of an urgent nature.

 We have a strict policy on rental arrears and action is taken immediately a tenant falls behind in payments.

Make the switch to R&R Property Management today

We are always actively seeking new rental properties due to demand out stripping supply in our area.

Changing Managing agents is easy and would only require you to sign a letter to your existing agent (which we can prepare for you) and we take care of the rest. There would be no adverse effect on your existing tenants and a smooth transition could be assured.

We feel that taking over the management of your property would be advantageous to both yourself – receiving efficient and effective service and R & R Property as a business who are intent on beneficial growth.

For further assistance or information on R&R Property managing your investment property