The Benefits Hobby Farming Living — Mental Health and Overall Wellbeing

Farming doesn’t have to be a profession. It can also be a hobby that brings you joy, relieves stress, and so much more. If you’re interested in taking up farming as a hobby, consider purchasing a lot with enough space for a hobby farm!

Hobby farms are small-scale farms that typically take up less than 50 acres. Though there are ways to use a hobby farm as a modest secondary source of income, they’re usually intended for pleasure rather than profit. The benefits of having a hobby farm are more so for your mental health and overall wellbeing. Read on to learn more about the many advantages of taking up farming as a hobby.

Hobby Farming Can Relieve Stress

Many people find hobby farming to be a powerful stress reliever. Despite the many chores involved, it doesn’t actually feel like work. It’s something to focus on to take your mind off your troubles. Tasks like weeding, feeding chickens, and harvesting vegetables can be very peaceful and monotonous in the best possible way.

You’ll Have Farm-Fresh Food

A huge benefit to having a hobby farm is that you can enjoy farm-fresh produce and animal products. This can save you money on expensive grocery store alternatives. Plus, organic farm-fresh food is healthier and tastes better than processed store-bought goods. They’re also a sense of satisfaction with eating foods you put in the effort to grow and harvest yourself.

You’ll Spend More Time Outdoors

Naturally, maintaining a hobby farm requires a lot more time spent outdoors. This additional time spent outdoors means you’ll be breathing in more fresh air and soaking up more vitamin D, which can increase dopamine (often called the ‘happy hormone’) and strengthen your immune system. You’ll also get more exercise, which has both physical and mental health benefits.

Hobby Farming Can Be Therapeutic

Some research shows hobby farming, namely caring for farm animals, to be therapeutic for people with mental illness. This animal-human interaction, similar to the benefits of caring for cats and dogs, can improve self-esteem. Farming activities in general have also been linked to an increase in dopamine, which improves mood and reduces negative emotions.

All this being said, you should do lots of research before starting a hobby farm to ensure that it’s compatible with you, your family, and your property. If you’re determined to start a hobby farm but don’t have the property for it, you should consider contacting an NSW realtor.

Find a Property for Your Hobby Farm

Do you need a property that’s large enough and has the proper terrain for a hobby farm? There are plenty of suitable lots in NSW, and an experienced real estate agent can help you find them. With their assistance, you’ll be living your dream lifestyle in no time.

Whether you plan on buying a house on a larger lot or want an empty lot for building a house, a professional realtor can assist you. As experts in house sales, house value, and house appraisals, they’ll ensure that you’ll get the best possible deal on your new lot. Reach out today to learn more about buying a hobby farm-ready property in NSW!